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社會招聘 Haikou 30K-100K APPLY FOR
社會招聘 Haikou 80K-100K APPLY FOR
社會招聘 Haikou 30K-100K APPLY FOR
社會招聘 Haikou 80K-100K APPLY FOR
CMO 校園招聘 Yunnan 面議 APPLY FOR

Job title: full-time recruiting department: this department

Number of applicants: salary: negotiable

Release date: 2010-5-31 deadline: 2014-12-17

Degree: junior college experience: more than 5 years

Age requirement: 28 ~ 35 years old gender requirement: unlimited

Language ability: no resume language: Chinese

Working area: haikou pearl district

Job description:

1. Established the company's high-level project team, discussed and decided the development prospect and direction of the company, and proposed a feasible implementation plan.

2. Participated in the project writing and negotiation of the pre-agency project of the Marketing Department of the company, and analyzed the feasibility study of the project approached by the Marketing Department.

3. Assisted the planning department to discuss cooperation with third-party advertisers.

4. Responsible for the operation of the company's designated project, including the overall packaging, planning and marketing of the products, supervision of the management of the project, and completing the target of the project.

5. Responsible for coordinating the problems arising during the implementation of the plan and taking primary responsibility for the implementation.

社會招聘 Chengmai 面議 APPLY FOR
社會招聘 Sanya 面議 APPLY FOR
社會招聘 Haikou 面議 APPLY FOR
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